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Graduated Students
Year Name Current Status Education(last degree)
2017 Hao Gong Department of ORFE, Princeton University Fudan University
2017 Yi Ren Department of IEOR, Columbia University Fudan University
2016 Jiaying Deng Foster School of Business, University of Washington Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


May 30th,2019

Voluntary Separation as a Disciplinary Device for Long-Term Cooperation: Reconciling Theory with Evidence
(Chun-Lei Yang)

April 24th,2019

Robust Optimization
(Aharon Ben-Tal)

March 31st,2019

Recent Advances in Theory and Applications of ADMM
(Yinyu Ye, Caihua Chen, Bo Jiang, Min Tao, Zikai Xiong)

March 12nd,2019

Dynamic Scheduling of Multiclass Many-server Queues with Abandonment: the Generalized cμ/h Rule
(Zhenghua Long)

February 26th,2019

Gaussian Differential Privacy (GDP)
(Jinshuo Dong)

February 25th~28th,2019

Regression Analysis and Causal Inference
(Chungsang Tom Lam)

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