Summer Program 2018

序号 课程名称 授课教师 时间 地点
1 Large-Scale Statistical Inference Weijie Su July.9th-July.12th Time:8:00-11:45 武东T9
2 Advanced Topics in Operations Research Yinyu Ye July.9th Time: 8:00-11:45, 13:20-17:05 信息学院102
3 Large-scale Integer Programming Santanu S. Dey July.10th-July.13rd Time:13:20-17:05 信息学院102
4 Queuing Theory Yuan Zhong July.16th-July.20th Time:8:00-11:45 三教410
5 Stochastic Process and Financial Risk Analysis David Yao July.17th-July.20th Time:13:20-17:05 武东T9
6 Statistics Learning and Graph Theory Martin Wainwright July.17th-July.19th Time:18:00-21:30;July.20th Time:8:00-11:45 武东T9
7 Stochastic System and Simulation Theory Peter Glynn July.23rd-July.26th Time:8:00-11:45 武东T9
8 A tutorial in doing quality research in OM Chris Tang July.24th-July.27th Time:13:20-17:05 武东T9
9 Reinforcement learning Shipra Agrawal July.24th-July.27th Time:13:20-17:05 武东T5
10 Information Dynamics in Social Networks Yaron Singer July.30th-Aug.2nd Time:8:00-11:45 武东T9
11 Topics in Revenue Management Vineet Goyal July.30th,July.31st,Aug.2nd,Aug.3rd Time: 13:20-17:05 武东T9
12 Introduction to Machine Learning with Applications in R Xi Chen July.31st-Aug.03rd Time:13:20-17:05 武东T5