International Program “Data Analysis, Modeling and Decision-making” Starts Signing Up!

Program Feature

  • Altogether 12 courses focused on heated topics: big data management, data-driven modeling and decision-making
  • Prestigious professors graduated from top overseas universities
  • Informative and condensed content aiming to enhance students’ ability of data analysis, modeling and decision-making
  • Integrate theory with practice through case studies
  • Able to receive a certificate from SIME and professors of Stanford University

Program Description

  • Two series of courses: Data Analysis & Modeling and Decision-making
  • Data Analysis focuses on data analysis method while Modeling and Decision-making concentrates on modeling and algorithm design
  • Provided with elaborate instruction including exercise classes, homework, quiz, exams, and specially-assigned people to answer course-related problems
  • Bilingual lecturing with full-English text materials

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Tel: 021-65381906 (9:30am – 5:30pm)