Cheng Wan

Cheng Wan

Assistant Professor

Optimization and games in networks. Evolutionary games and learning. Applications of game theory in public economics and management
Game theory
School of Information Management and Engineering 625


Cheng Wan is an assistant professor at the School of Public Economics and Administration at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. She previously worked as Research Fellow at Nuffield College at the University of Oxford.

She is graduated from Fudan University in China and Ecole Polytechnique in France. She subsequently obtained a Master in Applied Mathematics and a PhD in Mathematics from University Paris 6 – Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC).

Her research focuses on optimization and games in networks, evolutionary games and learning, as well as the applications of game theory in public economics and management.

Selected papers

  1. Renaud Foucart, Cheng Wan and Shidong Wang, “Innovations and technological comebacks” (2018), forthcoming in the International Journal of Research in Marketing

  2. Renaud Foucart,and Cheng Wan “Strategic decentralization and the provision of global public goods” (2017), forthcoming in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

  3. Sylvain Sorin and Cheng Wan, “Finite composite games: equilibria and dynamics” (2016), Journal of Dynamics and Games, 3(1), pp. 101–120

  4. Cheng Wan, “Strategic decentralization in binary choice composite congestion games” (2016), European Journal of Operational Research, 250(2), pp. 531–542

  5. Cheng Wan, “Coalitions in nonatomic network congestion games” (2012), Mathematics of Operations Research, 37(4), pp. 654–669