Dongdong Ge

Dongdong Ge

Professor, Dean

Large-scale optimization, data-driven quantitative decision-making methods
Linear and nonlinear optimization, quantitative management science
School of Information Management and Engineering 613


Dongdong Ge is a professor in Management Science in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He is the dean of Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences. He received his PhD from Stanford MS&E in 2009. His main research interests lie in large scale optimization theory and algorithms, and operations management. He published papers in OR and CS journals and conferences such as Mathematics of Operation Research, Mathematical Programming, FOCS, SODA, EC, ICML and etc. He has been widely consulting for companies such as Boeing, Google, IBM, JD, SFExpress, Didi, Netease, and etc.

Working Papers

  1. Hardness of Approximation for Sparse Optimization with L0 Norm.
    Y. Chen, D. Ge, H. Liu, M. Wang.
    Submitted to Mathematical Programming, 2016.

  2. A non-asymptotic approach to analyzing kidney exchange graphs.
    Ding Y, Ge D, He S, Ryan CT.
    Under 2nd round review of Operations Research, 2016.

Selected Publication

  1. An improved algorithm for the L2 – Lp minimization problem.
    D. Ge, R. He, S. He.
    Mathematical Programming, (Published Online First), 2017.

  2. A Note on Appointment Scheduling with Piecewise Linear Cost Functions.
    D. Ge, G. Wan, Z. Wang, J. Zhang.
    Mathematics of Operations Research, 39 (4), 1244-1251, 2014.

  3. Complexity of Unconstrained L2 – Lp Minimization.
    X. Chen, D. Ge, Z. Wang, Y. Ye.
    Mathematical Programming, 143.1-2: 371-383, 2014.

  4. A Note on Complexity of Lp Minimization.
    D. Ge, X. Jiang, Y. Ye.
    Mathematical Programming. Volume 129, Number 2, 285-299, 2011.

  5. On Equivalence of Semidefinite Relaxations for Quadratic Matrix Programming.
    Y. Ding, D. Ge, H. Wolkowicz.
    Mathematics of Operations Research, Vol. 36, No. 1, pp. 88-104, 2011.

Conference Papers

  1. A non-asymptotic approach to analyzing kidney exchange graphs.
    Ding Y, Ge D, He S, Ryan CT
    In Proceedings of the Sixteenth ACM Conference on Economics and Computation 2015 Jun 15 (pp. 257-258).

  2. The Cost of Cache-Oblivious Searching.
    M. A. Bender, G. S. Brodal, R. Fagerberg, D. Ge, S. He, H. Hu, J. Iacono, and A. Lopez-Ortiz
    Proceedings of the 44th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS) , pages 271-280, 2003.

  3. Improved Approximation Algorithms for the Freeze-Tag Problem.
    E. Arkin, M. A. Bender, D. Ge, S. He, and J. Mitchell.
    Proceedings of the 15th ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures (SPAA), pages 295-303, 2003.

  4. Sorting by Length-Weighted Reversals: Dealing with Signs and Circularity.
    F. Swidan, M. A. Bender, D. Ge, S. He, H. Hu, and R. Pinter.
    Proceedings of the 15th Annual Combinatorial Pattern Matching Symposium (CPM), Volume 3109 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 32-46, 2004.

  5. Improved Bounds on Sorting with Length-Weighted Reversals.
    M. A. Bender, D. Ge, S. He, H. Hu, R. Pinter, S. Skiena, and F. Swidan.
    Proceedings of the 15th Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA), pages 912-921, 2004.