Haodong Hu

Haodong Hu

Associate Professor

Algorithm and data structure, Database, Cache oblivious data structure and its application for massive data set
School of Information Management and Engineering 606


Dr. Haodong Hu received his Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Stony Brook (SUNY), advised by Michael Bender.

His main research interests are algorithm and data structure, database, cache oblivious data structure and its application for massive data set.

He had worked in Bing and Windows departments at Microsoft (Seattle) for nine years, specialized in software research and development.

He won several awards including Microsoft Gold Star Award (2011) and ACM PODS Best Newcomer Award (2006).

Selected papers

  1. B-trees and Cache-Oblivious B-trees with Different-Sized Atomic Keys.
    M. A. Bender, R. Ebrahimi, H. Hu, and B. C. Kuszmaul.
    Transactions on Database Systems (TODS), 41(3), 19:1-19:33, July 2016.

  2. The Cost of Cache-Oblivious Searching.
    M. A. Bender, G. S. Brodal, R. Fagerberg, D. Ge, S. He, H. Hu, J. Iacono, and A. Lopez-Ortiz
    Algorithmica, 2011.

  3. An Adaptive Packed-Memory Array.
    M. A. Bender, H. Hu.
    Transaction on Database Systems (TODS), 2007.