Leihong Zhang

Leihong Zhang


Optimization theory and computation, numerical linear algebra, pattern recognition, data mining
Linear algebra


Dr. Yang is currently an professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He received his M.S. in Operational Research and Cybernetics in Southeast University and Ph.D. in Mathematics in Hong Kong Baptist University. His main research interests involves optimization theory and computation, numerical linear algebra, pattern recognition and data mining.

He has abundant overseas experience as visiting scholar in Hong Kong Baptist University, North Carolina State University and The University of Texas at Arlington.

He has received awards including 20th Outstanding Paper Award of SHUFE Zhongzhen Scientific Research Fund(2013), Second Award of SHUFE Education Fund(2011) and ‘Star of Scientific Research’ in SHUFE(2011).

Selected papers

  1. Rayleigh-Ritz approximation for the linear response eigenvalue problem.
    Lei-Hong Zhang, Jungong Xue and Ren-Cang Li
    SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., 35(2), pp. 765-782, 2014.

  2. Maximization of the sum of the trace ratio on the Stiefel manifold, II: Computation.
    Lei-Hong Zhang and Ren-Cang Li.
    SCIENCE CHINA Mathematics

  3. A note on the trace ratio optimization problem.
    Lei-Hong Zhang, Wei Hong Yang and Li-Zhi Liao.
    Optimization Letters, (2014) 8:1637–1645

  4. On an efficient implementation of the face algorithm for linear programming.
    Lei-Hong Zhang, Wei Hong Yang and Li-Zhi Liao.
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  5. Perturbation analysis for the trace quotient problem.
    Lei-Hong Zhang and Wei Hong Yang.
    Linear and Multilinear Algebra, Volume 61, Issue 12, pp. 1629-1640, 2013.